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An excerpt from A Splendid Savage


An excerpt from A Labyrinth of Kingdoms

Prologue: First Impressions

An excerpt from Code Name Ginger

West Coast Ambush

An excerpt from Code Name Ginger

Who's Laughing Now?

With Hyenas in Masai Mara

Anthropology Among Insects

Hugh Raffles dissects our relationships with bugs

The Golf Wars

On Martha's Vineyard

The Reel West

At the Lone Pine Film Festival

The Big Squeeze

Stalking Anacondas in the Llanos

Vermont's Sleeping Roads

Where is the line between private property and ancient rights of way?

Cougars on the Move

Phantom Cats

Searching for Wallace Stevens

Indelible Marks from the 'Hermit of Poetry'

Fawcett's Wake

On the Trail of the Mysterious Explorer, Colonel Percy Fawcett

¡Viva el Rey de Cerveza!

On the Chicha Trail with the Reluctant but Committed Indiana Jones of Beer.
In Memoriam: Alan Eames

Witch Hazel

Eastern Connecticut Supplies the World

Perilous Journeys: the Science Behind Migration

As science begins solving the mysteries of migration, many of the world’s migratory species are in sharp decline.

Tree Thieves

China and the International Timber Trade

National Wildlife Refuges: Poor Stepchildren

Years of neglect have left our refuge system in crisis

Eyes in the Sky

How Satellites Are Saving the World's Resources

A Meteorlogical Railroad Man

Conductor Travis D. Ford

Tarnished Luster

A Mining Town Struggles to Survive

No Dice

Poor City, Tempting Offer: a Tribal Casino